Ripple has announced a partnership with the British Crypto Facilities

The provider of financial and accounting services Ripple announced a partnership with the British company Crypto Facilities with the aim of creating a market for derivatives cryptocurrency XRP.

Based in London Crypto Facilities providing services in areas such as trade solutions for the digital asset and risk management in accordance with regulatory standards.

The Ripple note that, as is the case with other assets or financial products around the world, dealing with cryptocurrency XRP traders also want to be able to manage the risks. Cooperation with the British company will be called upon to help them in this.

"Crypto Facilities Offered products involve functionality, protection against the credit risk of counterparties and secure storage assets. We look forward to the time when all of these properties will be distinguished and traded on the market Crypto Facilities derivatives XRP ยป, - said a Ripple statement.

The company also noted that the partnership with Crypto Facilities plays an important role in the commercialization of XRP for institutional use.

Earlier Ripple recalled that as a bitcoin or other digital asset, XRP is a store of value. It can be moved between the parties anywhere in the world without the participation of a mediator. XRP can also maintain liquidity between any two currencies, serving as a binder asset.