Startup Keza has launched an application for the investment using the Bitcoin

New York startup Keza announced the launch of the application for crypto investment on iOS platform. The application will allow investing bitcoins in the portfolios of stocks and fixed-income deals.

Users will have a choice of three portfolios with different risk: Moderate, Conservative and Aggressive. By selecting one of the portfolios, the investor is able to keep the bitcoins and track their investments.

The founders of the company Simon Burns and Stephen Britton do not hide its ambitions and want to expand the proposed Keza financial services on a global level. The project supports the business angel Jason Calacanis of HOF Capital, as well as investors were Keza Digital Currency Group and Boost VC.

During the preliminary round of financing the company raised $ 357,000.

The company decided to start an application after beta-testing and survey of mobile phone users who do not have access to modern financial services and investment instruments.

The application will not be the minimum threshold for the deposit, and it will allow to invest in emerging markets, access to which traditional investment platforms is possible only for those who are willing to invest at least $ 1 million.

"Our niche it's users in emerging markets who do not have access to large resources and started using Bitcoin as an alternative to banking services or view them as a means of savings," - Simon Burns said.

According to him, all the investments made in bitcoin denominated indexes.

"For example, if some day SP500 index rises by 2%, the customer's investment also grows by 2%, ie 1BTC turns into 1.02BTC. Also in the medium term, we plan to implement a recharge option fiat money. "

Currently the application is only available to users outside the US, but the company is working with regulators to get the opportunity to enter this market. It also plans to launch Keza application for Android devices.