IT-company from Ghana announced the launch of the first farm in Africa for bitcoins mining

Based in Ghana, Ghana Dot Com (GDC) IT-company launched a data center for mining bitcoins, which, it claims, is the first of its kind in Africa.

In a statement GDC board chairman Professor Nii Kinor which leads CoinDesk, said: "As one of the first computer companies in Africa, we are interested in the development of computer technology on the continent. We were pioneers in the development of the Internet, and we will just promote the development of Bitcoin. "

The company also noted that the Bitcoin support is provided for the purpose of wider dissemination cryptocurrency on the African continent as a whole, because bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology can fundamentally change the global finance unit.

The GDC did not disclose details regarding the running of the data center, saying only that the capacity of the farm is "several hundred terrahashes per second." The company also announced plans to launch other bitcoin products.

Recall that in late February on the conclusion of the investment transaction with the payment platform BitPesa announced leading provider bitcoin- and blockchain infrastructure BitFury Group. .