Cryptsy Exchange will pay nearly $ 1000000 for the return of stolen Bitcoins

Crypto Exchange, which lost part of its assets as a result of a hacker attack, announced the award of nearly $ 1 million for the return of stolen bitcoins and litcoin. This represents about 13.5% of the amount stolen.

Cryptoexchange Cryptsy, stopped work this year due to financial difficulties, published in his blog a contract with a certain user by the nickname Cryptcracker. Under the contract, the exchange undertakes to pay a reward in the amount of 13.46% of the stolen as a result of a hacker attack about 13 thousand bitcoins (about $ 726 thousand.).

Some users learning the concluded contract, suggested that the nickname Cryptcracker hiding the same hacker who carried out the robbery Cryptsy two years ago.

«Cryptsy stops investigating the incident, and the attacker calmly take your bitcoins in 1750", - said in a post on Reddit portal.

But in one of the specialized forums Cryptcracker denied the allegations, claiming that he was not involved in the crime and only offers his help for a fee.